Metal Finish & Anodized

Cookware Range for Healthy Living… Complete Aluminum Metal Finish and Anodized cooking utensils for your Kitchen.

Quality Maters Alot

World Wide Export Range

We Export these cookware to more than 27 countries in the world including U.S.A., United Kingdom, U.A.E., South Africa, France, The Netherlands, Ghana.  

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Pehli Chahat

ORIENT KITCHEN WARES are the Perfect “Pehli Chahat” for your Kitchen Items. Never Mess with Low Quality Utensils and Always Choose “ORIENT” the Brand Name in QUALITY. No one can compete us in Kitchen Wares. Trust us, We are the ORIENT.

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Orient, Only Cookware of its kinds

Get rid of Old Styled Cook Wares and Buy ORIENT COOK WARE Products for your Kitchen. Perfect Kitchen Wares to Gift Some One.